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Tiger Fighting, October 14 News Arsenal goalkeeper Runalson recently accepted an interview with Goal. In the interview, he said that he will learn from Elmigliano Martinez and he has been training hard. Possibly gain playing time at Arsenal. Runalson also said that he is very happy to see Arsenal signed so many outstanding players this summer, and he thinks signing Thomas shows the team's ambitions. Finally, Runalson said that Arsenal can achieve better results this season.

Tiger Fighting,10月14日新闻阿森纳门将Runalson最近接受了Goal的采访。在采访中,他说他将向Elmigliano Martinez学习,并且一直在努力训练。可能会在阿森纳赢得比赛时间。鲁纳尔森还表示,他很高兴看到阿森纳今年夏天签下了这么多杰出的球员,他认为签下托马斯表明了球队的野心。最后,鲁纳尔森说,阿森纳本赛季可以取得更好的成绩。

Runalson mentioned: "I am very happy that the team has introduced so many excellent players this summer, and the team has also shown its ambition to the outside world, that is, Arsenal want to become competitive again."


"We want to participate in all important events, and we want to win the game. I think the team signed Thomas to show the outside world the goal of the team."


Runalson's father was also a player that year, and also holds the record for the number of appearances of the Icelandic national team. In this regard, Runalson said: "When I was ten years old, I had a sudden appendicitis, and I had an emergency operation."


"I left the stadium for about six months. When I returned to the stadium, I found that I had missed a lot of things, especially my physical fitness was far behind other players, whether it was strength or speed."


"I changed my position at the time. I didn't become a midfielder like my father did. I became a goalkeeper, and I was very impressed with the goalkeeper position, so I insisted. Come down."


"My father will always be my role model. My father played in Sweden, Norway and Belgium. I moved to Iceland with his father when I was twelve years old. I learned the basics of football in Belgium."


"I started to get into football officially after moving to Iceland. To be honest, after watching my father go through the peaks and valleys, I realized that professional football players always face challenges and we have to deal with these issues."


Martinez's performance at Arsenal last season left a deep impression on the outside world, but Martinez previously left Arsenal and moved to Aston Villa. Runalson also talked about Martinez in the interview. He said that he regarded Martinez as a role model. It was only the ninth goalkeeper of the team.

马丁内斯上赛季在阿森纳的表现给外界留下了深刻的印象,但马丁内斯此前离开了阿森纳,转会至阿斯顿维拉。 Runalson在采访中还谈到了Martinez快8彩平台。他说,他认为马丁内斯是榜样。那只是球队的第九名门将。

"And Martinez has been working hard since that time. When Leno was injured, Martinez became Arsenal's starting goalkeeper, and he also performed very well."


"Then Martinez moved to Aston Villa with a transfer fee of £20 million. I think Martinez's story can inspire me and many people."


"That is my plan. I will also train hard like Martinez, enjoy the game and training, and I will try my best to gain playing time.


In an interview, Runalson also stated that he had communicated with Arteta and Edu and others before. He said: "I have communicated with everyone before, including Edu and Arte. Tower and Inaki (Arsenal’s goalkeeper coach) and others, I know what they expect of me."


"I'm in the golden age of football players, and this is important to me, and they know it."


"To be honest, when I just received an invitation call from Arsenal, I couldn't even believe it, but I am already playing for a great club."


"Everything happened very quickly. I had a medical checkup, perfected the small details of the contract, and then signed the contract."


"I also know very well that if you want to gain a foothold in a big club, you must deal with all the details, because such big clubs don't want to see errors in any part of the team.


"I know I want to compete for playing time will be difficult, but I must continue to work hard, I will do my best to compete for playing time, and the only thing I can rely on is myself, I also believe that I have the ability to do this ."


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