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Serie A has always been rich in high-level goalkeepers. To a certain extent, from Serie A goalkeepers, we can see the development trend of goalkeepers. In recent years, both the average height and weight of Serie A goalkeepers have been increasing year by year, and the task of defending the team's last pass has been increasingly taken over by the "giants".


Ospina is the shortest height among all starting goalkeepers in Serie A, "only" 183cm, but if his height is placed in the 1980s, it is the universal standard for goalkeepers. At that time, the average height of Serie A goalkeepers was 183.6. cm. The legendary goalkeeper of Italian football, Dino Zoff, who defended the Azzurri in 1982 and won the World Cup, is 1.82 meters tall. Another goalkeeper, Peruzi, was active in the field in the 1990s and early 2000s. , Is 1.81 meters tall and is also a representative of the short goalkeeper in Italian football.

在意甲所有首发门将中,奥斯皮纳是最矮的身高,“只有” 183厘米,但是如果将他的身高定在1980年代,这是门将的通用标准。当时,意甲守门员的平均身高为183.6。厘米。意大利足球的传奇门将迪诺·佐夫(Dino Zoff)身高1.82米,他于1982年卫冕了阿祖里(Azzurri)并赢得了世界杯冠军。另一位守门员佩鲁兹在1990年代和2000年代初期活跃于该领域。 ,身高1.81米,也是意大利足球短守门员的代表。

But in the current Serie A, excellent short goalkeepers are becoming more and more difficult to find. In the 2020/21 season, the average height of the main goalkeepers of the 20 Serie A clubs has reached 189.75cm, which is 6.15cm taller than 30 years ago. The current goalkeeper benchmark has become AC Milan’s genius goalkeeper Donnarumma. His height is 196cm. The Rossoneri took it from the Naples youth training team when he was 14 years old. The horse has grown to 193cm.

但是在目前快8彩官网的意甲联赛中,优秀的短期门将越来越难以找到。在2020/21赛季,意甲20家具乐部主要守门员的平均身高已达到189.75厘米,比30年前高了6.15厘米。目前的守门员基准已经成为AC米兰的天才门将Donnarumma。他的身高是196厘米。 Rossoneri 14岁那年从那不勒斯青年训练队那里接过。这匹马已长到193厘米。

Milan has made a forward-looking investment for the goalkeeper position. Later, Donnarumma has continued to grow up a bit. Now he is the tallest of all the starting goalkeepers in Serie A. Because of his height and long legs, he can Cover more areas more easily.


At that time, the famous Italian goalkeeper Zengjia had foreseen that the goalkeeper's body would become taller and taller over time. 20 years ago, he gave the view that the goalkeeper's future average height will become 1.92 meters, and the reality data is constantly approaching him. The judgment of the year. The ideal height of the goalkeeper is indeed the range of 1 meter 9 to 1 meter 92, which can ensure a relatively large coverage area of ​​the goal, and will not cause a lack of reaction and flexibility due to excessive height. In fact, it's not just height. The average weight of Serie A goalkeepers is now 82.45 kg, compared to 78.08 kg in the 1980s, a lap stronger than before.

当时,意大利著名的守门员曾加曾预见到,随着时间的推移,守门员的身体会越来越高。 20年前,他认为守门员的未来平均身高将达到1.92米,而现实数据也在不断逼近他。年度评判。守门员的理想身高确实在1米9到1米92的范围内,这可以确保球门的覆盖区域相对较大,并且不会因高度过高而引起反应不足和灵活性不足。实际上,不仅仅是高度。现在,意甲守门员的平均体重为82.45公斤,而1980年代为78.08公斤,比以前强了一周。

With the continuous differentiation of the division of labor and training methods in football, football schools will guide young players to develop suitable roles when they reach a certain age. Those children who have grown to more than 180cm by the age of 12 or 3 will be more inclined to follow the goalkeeper model. Donnarumma is an example. When a large number of Italian clubs go to the youth team to select talents, they have already set the threshold for the goalkeeper.

随着足球分工和训练方法的不断差异,足球学校将指导年轻球员达到一定年龄后发展合适的角色。那些在12或3岁时长到180厘米以上的孩子将更倾向于遵循守门员模型。 Donnarumma是一个例子。当大量的意大利俱乐部去青年队挑选人才时,他们已经为门将设定了门槛。

And with the improvement of youth nutrition level and goalkeeper training level, these future goalkeeper reserve talents may continue to grow taller after being consciously trained. A statistic shows that those small players who can grow to 180cm at about 12 years old, after professional training, have a high probability of continuing to grow up to 10cm, reaching 1.9 meters.


Why is the short goalkeeper fading? The difficulty in maintaining long-term stability is an important reason. Compared with the other 10 positions, the stability of the goalkeeper position is more important, and the club does not tend to spend more money on continuous replacement of personnel in this position. If you can maintain a high level for a long time like Buffon or Neuer, the team can completely worry about the goalkeeper position for many years.


In terms of state continuity, short goalkeepers have inherent disadvantages relative to tall goalkeepers. Many goalkeepers who are not tall can make up for the shortcomings of innate conditions with their outstanding jumping ability when they are young. Growth and decline in physical fitness are inevitable. Once the athletic ability is not as good as before, the reaction ability also declines. The level of this kind of goalkeeper is prone to a significant decline. After Bravo moved to Manchester City, he was embarrassed to become the regent, which has a lot to do with his bounce and reaction that can no longer make up for the disadvantages of his body.

在状态连续性方面,短守门员相对于高守门员具有固有的劣势。许多身高不高的门将可以在年轻时凭借出色的跳跃能力弥补先天条件的不足。身体健康的增长和下降是不可避免的。一旦运动能力不如以前,反应能力也会下降。这种守门员的水平容易大幅下降。布拉沃(Bravo)移居曼彻斯特市(Manchester City)之后,他很尴尬地成为摄政王,这与他的弹跳和反应无济于事,无法弥补自己的身体劣势。

Another advantage of tall goalkeepers has also been mentioned above. They have a more comprehensive coverage of the goal. Now football needs goalkeepers to attack more proactively. However, if they attack frequently, it is difficult to guarantee that judgment errors will occur. The goalkeeper, at a critical juncture, may be relying on the advantage of a few centimeters in length of his hands and feet to block the ball.


Another point is that in the current football game, the goalkeeper not only has to undertake the defensive task, but in a lot of time, it may also be the starting point of the attack. This also has certain requirements for the goalkeeper’s vision. The taller the goalkeeper, the position and position of other players The look and feel of the running position is more three-dimensional, and it is easier to locate the ball when passing. Therefore, one or two of the current tall goalkeepers have also been cultivated into "complex talents". Not only can they be high in front of the goal, but the soles of the feet must also be in place, long and short passes, big feet, and even small shots in the backcourt. Range dribbling, there is no certain technical guarantee, it is easy to pull the hips. This trend also forces some older goalkeepers to continue to practice after more than half of their careers and skills have been finalized to ensure that they will not be ruthlessly eliminated at the end of their careers.


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